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What is SSD? Learn about the functions and benefits of SSD

SSD: Nowadays, if you buy a new laptop or computer, SSD is usually seen in it now. But a few years ago it was not possible, we used to know hard drive as storage. I will discuss the work and benefits.


We have already discussed what a hard drive is and how it works. For the past few years, we have been using a hard drive to store data on a computer.

But now a new storage system which is in the form of SSD has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years.  Let's try to know a little bit about the SSD that is being used as an alternative to hard disks in computers and laptops.


What is SSD? Detailed information about SSD. 

Before we talk about SSC D, let's take a look at some of the hard disks I've used for decades.

A hard disk is a mechanical drive that contains a CD-like disk that spins, and where your data is read and written.

Simply put, all the programs, software, videos, picture files in your computer are stored in this magnetic disk.

On the other hand -

An SSD also stores all the data of the computer but there is no magnetic disk.

SSD is a flash-based memory technology.

This flash drive works completely differently from comparative mechanical drives. It is a simple memory chip called NAND flash memory.


History of SSD: -

 SSD stands for a solid-state drive.

Send came into our hands a few years ago, but its history is very old. This technology originated in the 1950s through experiments.

Decades later, high-end supercomputers began to be used in the 1970s and 1980s. However, this technology was very expensive at that time, and the amount of storage was very low (2MB-20MB).

At, that time ssd was commonly used in the military sector and this technology began to be used among the general consumer Davis in the 1990s.

Advantages of SSD or why Ssd is used -

SSD or flash drive can be viewed from our computer to a mobile, tablet or other device. This flash memory has been used in our mobiles or tablets for the last few decades and we also use this flash memory as external memory.

That's how SSD has replaced hard disks in computers or laptops. There are several reasons for this, we will try to know the reasons behind the benefits of using s and SSD.

SSD is much faster than a hard disk, so companies that have a lot of data stored on the SSD relay. 

The fast memory that is used in the mobile also uses this technology. This is because the power requirement of SSD is much less, which reduces the chances of losing the data contained in it.

Enterprise companies use SSDs in their servers so you can open websites faster on the Internet. Also, the reason why cloud storage can download and upload files faster is because SSD drives are used there, which is much faster than hard disks.

As a result of using SSD in the computer, its speed increases a lot. For example - from Windows boot time to software run time, file transfer is much faster. 

There are many advantages to using SSD as it is fast and its size is small and data is not wasted for a long time and due to its low cost SSD is being used everywhere now. SSD will replace hard disk completely in the market very soon. 


Types of SSD-

When you go to the market to buy SSD, you can find out about different types, such as mSATA or PCIe. Jenin talks lightly about these two types of SSD. 

The PCI-express port on the computer's motherboard is used to attach graphics cards. The speed of this port is 16 GBits / s so that the computer can communicate high bandwidth and low latency speed.

SATA III, SAT A III - The SSD storage that is connected with the help of a SATA cable is called SATA SSD. Currently, the 3rd generation of SATA cable is running with a speed of 6 GBit / s hence it is called SATA III. SATA SSD is not as fast as NVMe (600 MB per second) but its price is much lower than NVMe.

The SSD you use will be faster than the hard disk. In the market, different companies will get SSD at different speeds at different prices.

Our last word -

Friends, I hope what is SSD, the benefits of SSD and the work of SSD is clear to you. So when you go to buy a computer or laptop, do not forget to suck SSD in storage, this will increase the speed of your computer a lot.

Tips - Friends, there are some things to keep in mind when building a PC -

If you want to build a simple computer that does not need storage, you can use 128 GB / 256 GB SATA SSD. 

Now if you want to build a home using a computer with a budget, then take 128 GB SATA SSD and 1 TB Hardik. 

And if your budget is more then you can use 500 GB / 1 TB NVMe SSD.

If you want to build a gaming PC, you can use 2 TB or more hard disks with SSD. 

However, my point is that before building a PC, do a little research, so that you will get the best results according to your budget. If you want to know more, please comment below. Thanks 


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