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What is Gorilla Glass and its benefits?

What is Gorilla Glass


Do you know what is Gorilla Glass and what are its benefits? So today we will tell you about it in detail. By the way, you must have heard about this glass at some time from your friends or someone around you. Or to say that you too must have used this glass in your mobile at some time.

Today we are fully surrounded by technology and this makes our life even simpler and comfortable but sometimes it is very important to see the maintenance and maintenance of these electronic gadgets. And today we will tell you about one such glass protection that protects your mobile and computer screen, so now you start the post without taking much time.

As you know, in the last 10 years, the world has changed a lot, earlier we used to work ourselves, but due to this machine revolution, humans are dependent on machines and electronic gadgets for every task, it not only makes our work easy. We do our work 1000 times faster and cleanly, which saves both money and time.

Due to this machine revolution, new machines and electronic gadgets are developed every day and every new gadget is made much better and easier to use than the earlier gadgets. Like it is in this mobile world, where every day more than one mobile is launched in the market, which is much better than the previous one. Its processor gets increased further Rem and internal memory is increased and as far as the screen of mobile phones is concerned, they are made bigger and bezel-less as well as high resolution so that the user can get their Hd Enjoy playing HD Game in Video or Mobile. So now let us know what is Gorilla Glass?

What is Gorilla Glass

Origin of Gorilla Glass: -   As we all know that when a scientist invents any new object, then that new object is born if the scientist is successful or if the experiment is wrong. The story of the invention of Gorilla Glass is the same when it is from 1952 that so much technology was invented or said so much technology was not so developed in Corning's lab when a scientist in his wrong Experiment put Photosensitive Glass for a test in Furnace Dia and the Temprecher of that furnace had reached 900 Degreez with some Technical Mistakes.

Due to which all the scientists present on him were thinking that now this Photosensitive Glass would have been ruined, but when that glass came out from inside the furnace, it was completely fine and in the form of a thin plate. And meanwhile, as he was leaving, that thin plate accidentally fell to the ground and instead of breaking the plate it bounced and there was no damage to that plate. And then Gorilla Glass was discovered by this mistake.

The first use of Gorilla Glass 

This glass was first used in mobile screens in February 2008 when the first version of this glass in the market was Corning Gorilla Glass 1 and when it came in the market, this new invention was highly praised and this glass mobile Started selling very fast. Then what was the company much praise for this product and more Demand in the market, the company became its glass stronger and Scratch Resistant and launched its new version.

The most latest version of this glass is Gorilla Glass 5 launched in July last year. And when this Glass Launch happened, Samsung first showed interest in this glass and used its new Samsung Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and now in the market of this glass not only in the Mobile Phone, now this glass is much more Used in all electronic gadgets. For example, this glass is being used for the screen of the TV, Computer Monitor and also in Smartwatch. The company makes this glass even stronger and the screen becomes Scratch Resistant in its last new version.

Benefits of Gorilla Glass 

You also know that normal glass which only breaks when it falls or collapses, but in Gorilla Glass it is not that it does not break by falling and what are the benefits of this, we will go down

  • Glass is thinner than Normal Glass

  • It is more attractive than normal glass

  • It comes with Scratch Resistant Glass

  • It can handle too much heat

Conclusion:  As you know that with the arrival of this glass, our more costly gadgets which we maintain very much, they have now got new protection, now we have lost the problem of breaking glass by falling our expensive mobile. Which is our very best thing

So friends, for today I hope that you have liked our post and you must have got some information about this post-Gorilla Glass in Advance, so if you have liked this post, then share it as much as possible!

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