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iPhone 12 Pro Max: Apple's Best Phone Ever

In November 2020, I purchased and evaluated an iPhone 12, and while I enjoyed the dimensions and performance, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 still had my attention, so I returned the iPhone 12. A month later, things changed, and therefore the iPhone 12 Pro Max bumped the Z Fold 2 out of favor. So, how's that iPhone 12 Pro Max holding up?

Regular readers and Twitter followers know I'm primarily an Android user who regularly uses an iPhone for a month after Apple releases the most recent model. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has made it two months as my daily driver, and that I even bought the AppleCare Plus coverage because there are tons to love during this phone and my SIM hasn't left it since December.



As a writer who covers smartphones, I've had the chance to also spend tons of your time with the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, and while that's a shocking device with some unique camera capabilities, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best for my needs, and that I didn't purchase an S21 this year. I'm actually a touch surprised by what proportion I prefer this big new iPhone. I discover things hebdomadally that confirms my decision to travel all-in with Apple's latest and greatest.

Based on my usage over the past two months with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, I find it extremely compelling for the subsequent reasons:


I absolutely love the square edges and flat display with a matte glass back cover. I also enjoy phones with color, and therefore the Pacific Blue is beautiful. there's really just one design feature I might improve which is mentioned below.

iOS 14:

the newest Apple OS is more like Android -- and that is an excellent thing -- with useful widgets, updated app launcher, and more. it is also the tiny things like quickly sharing Wi-Fi login detail with a lover who has an iPhone, asking me to show off my upcoming alarm once the phone recognizes I'm up and using the phone and not need the alarm, Smart Stack capability with widgets, enhanced Messages experience, and far more.

5G and Qualcomm modem:

within the past, iPhones have always been worse than Samsung phones for cellular reception, but that's not the case with the newest iPhones with Qualcomm modems inside. 5G has been fast, and even more importantly, it's provided coverage in areas where I previously had no cellular signal.

Camera experience:

I'll dive deeper into the cameras within the future, but it is easy to capture and believe great shots with the iPhone 12 Pro Max in hand. Today's flagship smartphone cameras are all pretty great, but Apple offers one among the foremost consistent and straightforward experiences for the masses while bringing some native advanced functionality also.

All-day battery life:

I never even believe my iPhone battery, even when out and about hiking or traveling all day. rock bottom level I recall seeing thereon was something like 30% after each day of shooting photos and using the phone quite heavily.

Face ID:

Even during this period of your time once we wear face masks tons, I still find the flawless experience of Face ID to unlock my iPhone and obtain me into secure applications the simplest security experience on a phone.


I have been trying out some Apple MagSafe cases, and therefore the simple wallet attachment is awesome and practical. I also like that wireless charging seems to be more reliable, and that I decide to continue exploring MagSafe accessory options.

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As much as I prefer the iPhone 12 Pro Max, there are some things I might like to see from Apple within the future. Most of those are features found on Android phones now, including

New ringer switch design: Maybe it's my big fingers, but I even have a really difficult time manipulating the small ringer switch and seeing whether it's flipped to on or off. Maybe a handy slider like we see on OnePlus phones would be a far better design element.
Reverse wireless charging: this might be an easy convenience, but given the long battery life of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and therefore the incontrovertible fact that I've forgotten to charge my Apple Watch 6 a couple of times, I might like to see this Samsung capability come to future iPhones. It could even be wont to refill AirPods on the go.

Apple Pencil support: I really like that Samsung added S Pen capability to the S21 Ultra, albeit the stylus isn't stored with the phone. it might be great to jot notes on the large iPhone 12 Pro Max display.

Increased telephoto capability: Samsung's new dual telephoto camera system sets the bar for a zoom experience, and that I would like to see a more significant optical zoom capability during a future iPhone.

There are tons to hide within the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and that I will still dive deep and use it as my daily driver. Stay tuned for articles taking an in-depth check out the cameras, Siri Shortcuts, LiDAR, and more. Let me know if you've got the other specific areas you would like further discussed or explored on Apple's best iPhone.

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