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How to get back deleted photos on Instagram

Deleted photos on Instagram GET WITH SIMPLE WAY

The benefit of recovering deleted photos on Instagram is coming. Especially if the account is hacked, if the hacker deletes the picture, the advantage will work. Even if you delete it by mistake again, there will be no regrets.

How to get back deleted photos on Instagram

In the new version, if a post is deleted from the Instagram account, it will be credited to a new folder called 'Recently Deleted'. From there it can be restored or permanently deleted. In both cases, you have to verify your identity. It's like that recycle bin on the desktop of the Windows operating system. But you need a password to open it.

The new feature will apply to all types of Instagram posts, from photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos to stories. Posts will remain in the recently deleted folder for up to 30 days after deletion. Then they will be permanently deleted automatically. Only deleted posts in storage will have up to 24 hours to recover.

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To get deleted content, go to Settings> Accounts> Recently Deleted Options.

Announcing the launch of the facility, Instagram said in a blog post, 'We know that hackers sometimes delete content when they gain access to an account. For so many days, people had no option to get back those pictures and videos easily. Starting today, we will ask users to verify their identity before deleting or restoring photos or videos in the recently deleted folder.

The facility has been rumored to be open for a long time. Finally launched. Now it's time to turn on all accounts in phases.

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