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How to Choose Best Hosting Provider

Friends, in today's time everyone has to blog because millions of people are earning money through blogging. If you are also thinking of starting your own blog, then you should make a website on the WordPress platform. Now, if it is about WordPress, then it is very important to get good hosting, in this article today, you will give information about how to choose the best hosting provider.


Ideal Web Hosting has 3 primary features, three primary features are Security, Support, and Speed. As soon as your website starts growing, then it is very important to scale the website. If high traffic comes on your website, then it is very important to handle it.

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How to Choose Best Hosting Provider

Friends, if you are looking for a good Hosting Provider then you will get to see different prices of Hosting services. If you buy cheap Hosting, you will get 2$ to 3$ Monthly, and if you purchase Dedicated Web Hosting or Cloud Hosting service you will have to make  9.5 to 13.5$ Monthly.


I will tell you some tips on using Web Hosting Provider which by following you can find the best Web Hosting Provider for your website.


1. Customer Support

If you need basic customer support such as Phone, Ticket, and Email Support it will provide you almost all hosting companies. Some web hosting company provides you 24 hours of phone call support and some web hosting provides you customer support only through email.


If your website has good traffic and you need good customer support, then you should buy hosting from such a hosting company where your website will be expertly managed. These specialists will set up and manage your website properly so that you will not lose even a little traffic.


2. Amount of Traffic

Generally, Web Hosting Providers charge their services on the basis of bandwidth and storage requirements. The higher Bandwidth of your hosting, the more speed your website will open. If very few visitors visit your website then you will not need much bandwidth. But if your website is ranked on the first page of Google, then you will need high bandwidth.


If more traffic has started coming to your website, then you can shift from Shared Hosting to Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Hosting. Cloud Hosting has a slightly higher charge but it is very good web hosting compared to Shared Hosting.


3. Server types

If you are looking for low price hosting service then a Shared Server will be the best choice for you. Hundreds Website is hosted on Shared Server. The performance and speed of your website depend on a load of your server. One disadvantage of Shared Hosting is that you are provided limited access to it.


If you want the best performance web hosting, you can try Dedicate server, but the monthly charge of the Dedicated server is very high. If limited traffic is coming to your website then a cloud server will be best for you.


4. Unlimited offers

You must have heard about some Web Hosting service Providers that provide you unlimited bandwidth and storage, some Web Hosting Providers claim that it offers you a package of unlimited hosting for a few cents. So you have to see a good web hosting company with unlimited offers.


5. Domain Name

If you have a business website, then you will have to purchase a domain of your own. You can change the web hosting at any time, but you cannot change your domain name, so it is very important to buy your own domain name.


I have been using Cloud Hosting of Digital Ocean Hosting Company for the last few months. I like this web hosting very much and with the help of a cloud server the performance of my website is also very good.


Friends, in today's article, I have told you some tips to choose a good hosting company. If you are also looking for a good web hosting company then you can buy Hosting from HostGator, BLUEHOST, and A2 Hosting

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