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Australia has passed a law to collect money from Facebook and Google for news

The two tech giants — Google and Facebook have to pay the media to publish news content on their platforms. Australia is the first country in the world to pass such a law. The media reported on the BBC.

There has been a long-running controversy in Australia over the introduction of a law to pay for media outlets in exchange for media coverage. But, ignoring that debate, the Australian Parliament passed a new law. The Aussie government says the far-reaching law will help the country's traditional media survive. At the same time, the Australian government feels it can be held accountable for honest news.

The new law requires platforms such as Google and Facebook to pay local media to publish news content. The news media will have to pay for the news that Google or Facebook will put on their platform.

The search engine Google searches for any news through digital and presents it to the reader. The news remained on Google's platform. Google starts getting ads for that news or content based on how many times the news or news content has been read or viewed. Big companies advertise to Google for that news content. It's easier on Facebook. This social media platform collects ads for the news that is on their network. The advertisements they receive are paid dividends but not to the media concerned.

Australia's new law has broken this traditional rule. Australian law says that if a media outlet publishes news content on the platforms of Google and Facebook, it will have to pay for it. Because, Google and Facebook are making money from that content. The media also deserves its dividend.

Google and Facebook have been opposing this law from the very beginning. Recently Facebook symbolically picked up all the news and news content from their platform in Australia. Which was widely discussed and criticized across Australia. Later, however, Facebook brought back the news content. Google has also threatened to remove its primary search engine from Australia if the new law is introduced.

The law, however, states that digital platforms will be able to negotiate with the media. If there is no agreement, this can be done through an independent mediator. Google and Facebook have already begun discussions on financial transactions with a number of Australian media and news groups.

Digital media does not get advertisements even if it creates good content. This issue has been discussed in the world for some time now. There is a lot of talk about the model in which digital platforms run. As can be seen, Google and Facebook are earning from good content in digital media. Because, they are getting ads. But no one is advertising on the media page for that content. Experts believe that the new Australian law will solve that problem a lot. At the same time, many people think that this will bring control over fake news.

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