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How to find out the location of e-mail

We all use Email or Gmail more or less. A lot of times we get some Gmail that we need to know the location. That means you need to know where the mail came from. Gmail or any other medium does not disclose the location of e-mails coming to their platform. However, if you use some methods, you can easily know the location of the e-mail.

How to find out the location of e-mail

Let's learn about this method

First of all let me tell you that there are three ways to know the location of an e-mail sender. The first is to track the IP address, the second is to search the e-mail ID and the third is with the help of Facebook.

To find out the e-mail IP address, you have to click the Time button

 on the right side of the Gmail that will come and then click on Show Original.

 Now a new tab will open and from now on you will get the IP address. 

Then you can go to Wolfram Alpha and search for that IP address. After which the location with the name of the company can be known.

If you want to know the location using Gmail ID, you need to go to pipl 'or' Spokio 'website. If you search the e-mail id here, the location is informed. Again, if you search the email ID in the search bar of Facebook, the information of the company comes up.

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